Car transmission trouble question (2007 Ford F150 XL V6)

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So my truck has developed a problem. It's doing this weird "bumping" thing at highway speeds where it feels like the engine is stuttering. It's like the truck loses power for a split second then it kicks back in, making the truck "bump" forward. A couple days ago it did it very rarely. Last night it did it a bunch. I wasn't sure if it was the engine or the transmission, but I discovered while driving last night that turning off overdrive made the problem completely disappear. So, it seems like there's a problem where the transmission is harshly kicking back and forth between overdrive gear and the top "normal" gear (if I'm understanding how my transmission works). It's an automatic transmission. Any ideas what the problem might be? Is it going to be something simple like a vacuum line or something not signaling the gear change correctly, or is it likely to be a more expensive problem like something actually wrong inside the transmission? Is it GSADYFT time for the truck?For now I'm just shutting off overdrive every time I drive it to avoid excessive wear on the transmission.

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