Oh crap transmission problems

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Anyone know what would cause an automatic transmission to not shift from 1st to 2nd? The transmission shifts out of 1st but the engine revs up when tring to shift into 2nd. My dad suggested low fluid but I haven't noticed any fluid leaks. The dealer changed the fluid and filter last May, less than 10k miles ago. They also replaced the controller module while they were at it. I plugged in my laptop and tried to pull the codes but the transmission controller hasn't thrown one yet. The dealers in my area say it'll cost up to $3k if a new tranny is needed, but they'd have to take a look at it for $90-150. I've been biking to work the last few days since I don't have the money to have the dealer look at it. Unfortunately it'll soon be too hot to bike to work without getting all gross.

Please help

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Thank you



Car transmission trouble question (2007 Ford F150 XL V6)
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