Workshop Manuals - Professional Mechanics opinions needed!

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I have been looking for a true workshop manual, showing detailed information on repairs, etc...i have found a couple of sites that offer to sell manuals, but after downloading a couple of 'free' manuals from sites, i can see there are some that are just ridiculously simplistic and short on details... i am a picky snob of an old man, being used to referring to manuals such as Motor Repair Manuals, but they are apparently out of print, so i am looking for an equally detailed manual to repair the often aggravating simple or complex problems that arise due to time and wear on this exceptional vehicle...the Haynes contribution is laughable but for 15 bucks, it is, i suppose, acceptable to some, but not detailed enough to do me any good.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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Die Frage nach den Manual´s
technische Daten 68/69 olds 400 Motor

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